Change Logs

03/20/2016 Optimization.

03/10/2016 Optimization.

03/02/2016 Optimize "auto-order" function.

02/17/2016 Log error for traceback.

02/16/2016 Fixed error on Chrome, Edge and Safari. Added Matrix layout.

02/15/2016 Auto-order is back. Preview updates according to protein order and color.

02/12/2016 Color & width setting for inter & intra link.

02/12/2016 Toggle between two display modes: 'preview' and 'rendered'.

02/12/2016 Pattern discovery is back.

02/12/2016 Relation plot is back.

02/12/2016 Optimized histogram.

02/11/2016 Reconstruction for a responsive front-end (version 1.0.1).

12/11/2015 Added progress bar.

11/18/2015 Fix. Updated Circos.

11/17/2015 Color fix. Updated "About" page. Updated license.

11/16/2015 Seq function update. Fix color limitation. Updated network layout.

11/14/2015 Optimization.

11/13/2015 Bug fix. Updated new function.

11/12/2015 Optimized rearrangement function.

11/11/2015 New structural information.

11/10/2015 New Function. Hit version 0.6.

11/05/2015 Update label layout.

11/04/2015 New Function. Hit version 0.5.5.

11/03/2015 New Function. Hit version 0.5.

11/02/2015 Customized domain plot is now online. Hit version 0.4.

11/02/2015 Fix link counts. Unique links are counted.

11/01/2015 Fix radius setting.

10/31/2015 Optimization. Simplified templates. Hit version 0.3.

10/29/2015 Bug fix. Implementation of new templates.

10/21/2015 Small fixes of pages.

10/17/2015 Added new function: correlation matrix. Hit version 0.2.

10/06/2015 Added randomness into image file names for higher security.

10/06/2015 Added "Example" page providing test data. Setup git on server for faster maintenance.

10/05/2015 Updated "Tutorial" page to show that CX-Circos successfully depicted the architecture of the SEA complex.

10/04/2015 Updated protein color setting. CX-Circos now accepts a protein complex with up to 50 subunits. The number will be further increased in future.

10/03/2015 Updated "Tutorial" page. Added "About" page.

10/01/2015 CX-Circos (v0.1) is available for public testing, via a cloud server and a permanent domain:

04/20/2015 CX-Circos (v0.0.9) is rewritten with Python, and is available to users within Rockefeller University via an internal server.

03/11/2015 A prototype of CX-Circos (v0.0.1) is written with Perl CGI.

02/14/2015 The development of CX-Circos begins.